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Mailing Lists

In this section we'll show you how to:

  • Configure a new mailing list
  • Modify an existing mailinglist
  • Delete a mailing list

The mailing list function allows you to setup newsletter lists in which only the list owner can send mail to the list; forum-type lists in which all lists members can email and respond to the list; moderated lists in which all emails have to be approved by a moderator; digests or compilations of a day's correspondence that is sent out to digest members.

We'll walk through the configuration process and how to use the more common features.

Add a New Mailing List

1. Click on 'New Mailing List' in the Main Menu.

2. Here's a snapshot of the main configuration screen. We'll discuss each section separately.

3. Start by entering the email address of the mailing list, such as 'vintagecars'. Be careful not to repeat a name already being used as an email account, forward or autoresponder. Next enter the list owner's email address. Then enter any subject line prefix you may want to use. This prefix will be inserted at the beginning of subject line of all emails sent to list members and will alert list members that an email is from the list and not unidentified junk mail.

4. Posting messages. For a newsletter type list select 'Only moderators can post, all others bounce'. For forum type list select 'Only subscribers can post, all others bounce'. If children or sensitive adults are involved you may wish to have moderators approve all messages.

5. List Options. Replies are only relevant for forum type lists. In this case if you think the replies to postings will be of interest to all list members then select 'the entire list'. Otherwise replies can just go to the 'original sender.'

For information on adding a trailer, retrieving a digest version of the list, controlling the list via email commands and remote administration please see the EZ-MLM manual at


6. Subscription requests. Be sure to require either a confirmation or moderator approval for all subscribe and unsubscribe requests. That will insure that people are not subscribed to lists they had no interest in joining.

Message Archives. If you want messages archived check this box. Don't check indexing since we don't support the ezmlm-cgi. Please read the ezmlm manual at the above link for more information on archiving.

Be sure to click on the 'Add' button when you're finished.

7. If successful you'll see the action message in red (below) and the new mailing list will be added to the list of mailinglists in your account. Now click on the 'Add Subscriber' button to add the list members.

8. Enter the list member email address and click on the 'Add' button.

9. If successful, you'll get the following screen and you can continue to add email addresses.

10. Moderators are the only ones that can send an email to a newsletter type list. and carry out others function defined by the list configuration. To add a moderator click on the 'Add Moderator' button for the list.

11. And add the moderator's email address in the following window.

Modify an Existing Mailing List

1. Click on 'Mailing Lists' in the Main Menu.

2. Click on the mailing list's modify icon to change the list configuration or click on any of the other buttons to add or delete subscribers and moderators.

Deleting an Existing Mailing List

1. Click on 'Mailing Lists' in the Main Menu.

2. Click on the delete icon for the mailing list you wish to delete.

3. Click on 'Confirm Delete' in the confirmation window.

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