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Instructions: Use this form if you want us to host your web site and you want us register your domain name (www.yourname.com) or transfer your domain name from another provider. This will require a payment of $98.85 covering;

  • three months web hosting at $19.95/month, and
  • $39 one-time setup charge.

Note that as you fill out this form you will have the choice of selecting various optional services to be added to your hosting account. If there is an additional charge it will be clearly noted below next to the option.

Also, please note that the above charges do not include NIC fees from the domain registry. This fee is for new registrations only - not transfers. The fee for .com, .net and .org domains is typically $70 for two years' registration service. Fees for country domains vary. Please see Step 2, below, for country domain fee schedules.

Fill this form out COMPLETELY to avoid processing delays. When you're done just click the "Place Web Hosting Order" button at the bottom of the page and we'll take it from there. Your web site will normally be ready within 24 hours.

Refer to our
customer support section for information on using your new web site.

Enter your name, email address, company name, address and phone numbers. If you are not the administrative contact for this domain please enter the administrative contact's name on the last line of this section. For this purpose the administrative contact is the individual who should be registered as the owner of the domain name and to whom invoices and emails related to this domain and web site should be addressed.

First Name: Last Name:
Email Address: (we need this to be able to contact you)
Company/Organization Name: (if any)
Street Address:  
City: State/Province: Zip /Postal Code
Phone Number: Fax Number:
Administrative Contact, If Different
First Name: Last Name:
Email Address:
How did you find out about Intersessions?

Follow these instructions for new domain registrations:

Intersessions' Domain Registration Service

In partnership with Register.com, an authorized ICANN registrar, we provide immediate on-line registration service for .com, .net and .org domains along with the following country domains: .uk, .ro, .tf, .ac, .sh, .gs, .ms, .vg, .tc, .ky, .li, .fm, .to, .kz, .nz, .za, .md, .dk, .ch and .as. There is no additional charge for this service - only the NIC fee of $70 for two years registration for .com, .net and .org. Check
here for the country domain fee schedule.

Press here to find out if your name is available, to register your domain and for more information about registering domains.

If you have difficulty using the domain registration service and would like us to register the domain for you, then enter the domain name below and check the appropriate box. However, please be aware that all registrar's are required to be paid at the time of registration and we will need to use your credit card to complete the domain registration process.

Please make sure the domain name is available by using the
name search here.

Continue here for new domains and transfers:

Enter your domain name:
Registration/Transfer Instructions:
 I registered this domain myself
 I need help. Please register this domain for me and use the credit card provided below for the NIC fee ($70 for .com, .org and .net domains).
 Transfer domain from present ISP


Enter your desired login name, password, email alias/forwarding info, etc. and services desired.

Login Name:
Your login name should be between 6 and 8 characters. You can use any combination of letters and numbers (don't use any special characters) as long as it begins with a letter. If you can't think of a unique login name make one up using letters from your first and last name. Do not use login names such as 'info', 'admin' or 'sales.' If you want to have email addressed to 'admin@yourdomain.com' enter 'admin' as an email alias.

Your password should be between 6 and 8 characters. It can be composed of any combination of numbers, upper or lower case letters and special characters. Don't use a password that's easy to guess otherwise your account might be broken into. Examples of valid passwords are: 'weY&120', 'BASs1@H'

Login Name (6 to 8 characters): Password (6 to 8 characters):
E-Mail Aliases: Forward to (if desired):
Note: See Customer Support to setup additional alias/forwards and POP3 email accounts.
E-Mail Address for Statistics Reports:
Choose Web Server Type:
 Unix-CGI   Windows NT
Checkoff the additional services you want installed:
 Frontpage 2000 extensions No charge
 MIVA Order shopping system (Unix only) No charge
 MIVA Merchant shopping cart system (Unix only) Add'l $110 setup/license plus $10 per month
Other Services and Promotions:


Enter your credit card information here. This information will be encrypted and sent using a secure server. However, if you are uncomfortable sending credit card information over the internet then fill out everything except your credit card number. Then fax your name and credit card information to 201-569-7898 or call 201-569-1762 and leave the information with our customer service representatives.

Credit Card:  
Visa    MasterCard    American Express
Full Name on Card:  
Card Number: Expiration Date:
Credit Card Billing Address:  
Street Address:  
City: State/Province: Zip /Postal Code

I agree to pay $98.85 US to Intersessions Inc. for setup charges and three months of web hosting service. If you have selected the MIVA Merchant shopping cart system you will be billed an additional $140 covering the $110 setup/licensing fee plus three months of this service at $10 per month.

This will be the amount billed by Intersessions Inc. to the credit card I have chosen above.

I understand Intersessions will bill me ten days before the start of the each three month service period and that the bill must be paid before the start of the service period or Intersessions may terminate my account.

Accepted (type an "X" here)

Please bill my credit card automatically at the start of each quarterly billing cycle. I understand Intersessions will not change my monthly rate without my approval.

Automatic Credit Card Billing Requested (type an "X" here)


Click on this button to submit your form:


NOTE: If you are using versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape prior to Version 4.0 please click here to find out how to update your browser's root certificate before submitting this form through our secure server.

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