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Reseller FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Will I be able to setup and delete my own websites? I need to be able to setup websites immediately. I can't wait around for your customer support to get to it.

A. We have a new state-of-the-art control panel that let's you automatically setup and delete websites from your account. You can see a demo

Q. Can I mix Unix and NT websites in my Reseller Account? Some of my customers are using MS-Access with ASP scripts and other like MySQL and PHP scripts. I don't want to have to buy one Unix Reseller Account and one NT Reseller Account.

A. You can mix Unix and NT websites in our Reseller Account. Just select your operating system choice on our Site Setup Control Panel - it's that easy.

Q. Will you remain transparent to my customers? I intend to sell content and service and not provide more web space then necessary to my customers. I will be doing the FTP transfers, password protection etc., for most customers.

A. Absolutely. We are transparent for our resellers. They do all the communications with their clients, upload pages or provide their clients with training to upload their own pages. Resellers handle domain name registrations and modifies with the domain registries. Their customers never know that we are involved. Intersessions sets up space on our servers, administers the web servers and email servers, performs system maintenance and upgrades, handles system security and performs nightly backups. Even our control panels can be customized with your own banner for use by your clients.

Q. Why would I want my own nameservers?

A. This falls under the category of bulletproofing the transparency. If a client checks the WHOIS information at Network Solutions they may question why Intersessions' nameservers show as the nameservers assigned to their domain name. Although it is perfectly normal for web hosting companies to outsource their nameservers to save bandwidth, you may prefer that our name not appear. If so, we can provide you with your own nameserver which you can assign when registering your clients domains. This nameserver will be registered with Network Solutions and will respond properly to all resolution requests.

Q. I would like to get a better understanding of what I can offer to my customers as a reseller. For example: Am I selling space from my Reseller account or do I have to sell additional space? Can I for instance, sell a 5 MB space from my Reseller account to my customer?

A. You are selling space from your reseller account. You get 500 MB's of space that you can use or sell any way you want. You can have one web site with 5 MB of space, one with 95 MB's and eight others that us 50 MB's. We don't care how you allocate the disk space (or bandwidth) amongst your customers.

Q. I would like to transfer my web sites from current hosting company to Intersessions but I don't want to pay setup charges all over again. Can you do anything to help?

A. Sure. We waive the reseller account setup charge and waive the usual $10 web site setup charge for all sites setup during the first 30 days. This gives you plenty of time to setup your websites. Because we offer IP-based virtual hosting you can setup your web sites on our servers and then transfer the domains later at your leisure.

Q. I am very interested in using a resellers package from you. However, is it possible to use a '.be' top-level domain on your servers?

A. Absolutely. We are currently hosting sites with top-level domains from countries all over the world and supporting resellers in Europe, Asia and South America. We can work with resellers from Belgium or any country using any countries' top level domains. Just use our nameserver names and IP addresses when you register your domains with your local registry. You can register a '.be' top level domain at the following URL:
http://www.DNS.BE. Other countries' domain registries can be found at this URL:

Q. I have several potential clients. However, they don't want to be 'off-the-air' while I transfer their domains to my reseller account and then setup their web sites. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this problem?

A. Yes. Setup the site before you start the transfer. You'll be emailed the IP address we've assigned to the site. Then you can simply FTP the web site files directly to the IP address and the site will be ready as the domain transfer takes effect.

Q. We have had quite a few inquiries from customers on web hosting. However, they would like ftp and pop3 capability. Is there any possibility of providing such services and if so what would the cost be like?

A. You get telnet, ftp and pop3 email capabilities for each of your virtual domain sites (remember you get ten IP addresses - each is a virtual domain.) You and/or your clients can telnet into their server space, use ftp to upload and download files and use pop3 mailboxes on our servers. You get 20 pop3 mailboxes assigned to each virtual domain and additional mailboxes can be purchased in blocks of twenty for $10 per month. In addition, we provide unlimited explicit email aliases and forwarding with each virtual domain.

We provide web based control panels that you can use to add, change and delete email boxes and manage your email aliases and forwarding. Plus, these control panels can be customized with your own banner for use by your customers. See our
Customer Support pages for more information.

Q. I wanted to know if I had the reseller account and a customer wanted their domain setup how do I give them telnet and ftp access to just their directory? I know how to set domains up through the InterNIC but not to sure about the changes on your end.

A. Each domain is assigned to a separate virtual host which has a unique login name and password. When you have a new account you use our Reseller Site Setup and Deletion control panel to setup the website. Using a telnet or ftp program either you or your customer types the host name (such as, the login name and password. When the FTP or Telnet program connects you'll be in the correct directory that is assigned to your web site.

Q. If I sent you an email today or tomorrow requesting the reseller account to be setup how long would it take to get an IP address and your nameserver names and IP addresses' to submit to the internic?

A. When you sign up for the reseller account we'll give you our nameserver names and IP addresses as soon as your credit is approved. This is all you need from us to register a name with the InterNIC. We assign IP address to your domains as you set them up.

Q. Does the reseller account come with it's own cgi-bin directory also?

A. Each virtual domain gets its own directory and within that directory on Unix servers we automatically setup a cgi-bin directory for that site's cgi programs. On NT servers cgi programs can be run from any location.

Q. I forgot to ask you how many PoP3 Email boxes come with each reseller account and how they get setup?

A. You get 20 pop3 mailboxes with each web site. You can add, change and delete them using our
POP3 Email Control Panel. You can have an unlimited number of email aliases and forwards which you can add, change and delete yourself with our Email Alias and Forwarding Control Panel. Additional pop3 mailboxes are sold in blocks of twenty for $10 per month.

Q. I would like to start with my web site plus one customer web site. I registered this customer with Network Solutions by mistake with another ISP. How can I change the database at the internic so I can use your service?

A. You need to transfer the domain. If the domain name was registered with Network Solutions then you fill out a
modify form at the Network Solutions web site and change the nameservers assigned to this domain name. If you are the administrative or technical contact for the domain name and have your email address in the Network Solutions records the transfer can usually be done in one to two days. If you're not the administrative or technical contact then you may have to ask the current ISP for assistance or use the fax form method.

Starting in 1999 registries other than Network Solutions began registering domain names. Each registry (e.g. has a slightly different procedure. Please check the registry's web site for information on how to transfer a domain. We can help you transfer the domain name if you get stuck.

Q. Is it possible for every customer to get a e-mail like "" and how can they be setup in browsers?

A. You can setup email aliases for your domain names and forward them where ever you like or direct them to an email account on our server. Using aliases you can have email addresses like " To access the email box on the Intersessions servers you set your mail reader to point to

Q. What happens if I have more than ten customers? Can I buy more reseller programs with the same domain name I registered with you or do I have to buy more IP addresses and disk space separately. The point is that I prefer to get more disk space and more data transfers per month. What do you suggest?

A. First, it's not necessary to waste a domain name on your own site with us - unless you really want one. All ten IP addresses can be used for customer sites. If you have more than ten customers you can buy another block of ten IP addresses and get ten new IP addresses, with more space and more transfers for just $30 per month.

Q. What's wrong with just giving customers space off of one domain name so their URL is

A. Nothing's wrong with that except most customers would prefer to have their own domain names so their URL can be To do that you'll need IP addresses to assign to the domain names. We provide ten IP addresses with each reseller account and additional IP addresses are available at $30/month in blocks of ten. This will allow you to provide real virtual domains for each customer. (There are some crazy name-based virtual hosting schemes around that allow domain names to be used without separate IP addresses but they don't work with secure servers, don't support domain pointers, don't support many Internet protocols and don't work with some browsers.)


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